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About Maggie Pashley

Maggie Pashley offers sessions which focus on empowering you to become the authentic you, letting go of limiting patterns, habits and restrictive ways of being. Without consciously realising it, we can cut ourselves off from our own uniqueness with all its gifts in order to fit into an idea of who we should be. This can be from family or social pressures or simply adapting to our environment. What would it feel like to be open to being you?

Are you feeling stuck in some area of your life and need some help in freeing yourself to be more fulfilled, healthier and happier? People contact Maggie for a number of reasons: stress and anxiety; physical pain or discomfort; feeling trapped in a unproductive, limiting way of thinking; wanting to have more clarity and motivation; overcome a negative habit or ‘simply’ to experience a deep relaxation where they can let go without any demands. It is so good to allow yourself a space to receive help and support when you need it.

Having worked as a therapist for more than thirty years, she’s worked with a lot of people and acquired quite a few different skills along the way. She likes the depth and the flexibility that gives her to adapt to what her client needs at the time. No two sessions are the same as her clients aren’t.

She offers face to face sessions at the Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West, Co Sligo but many of her sessions can be done over the phone or Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Look at the list of approaches she offers and click on the links to find out more. Then feel free to get in touch to discuss what would really help you.

Maggie’s Background

Like many healing practitioners, Maggie Pashley began her healing career with her own healing journey. She  had acupuncture way back in 1985 with a physical issue which had been nagging her for some time. She was shocked how acupuncture changed her as a person, far beyond relieving her physical symptom.. She was literally gobsmacked as she opened up to new possibilities and wanted to do something similar to help others. She said to herself ‘I want to do something like acupuncture but more hands-on’ and a week later she discovered shiatsu. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on the principles of Chinese medicine and she loved giving and receiving it. Towards the end of her training she got curious about other approaches and trained in Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

As time went on she added many different trainings to her work as she is completely fascinated by how the body and mind reflect each other and impact on each other. Sometimes what calls us to healing is what appears to be a body symptom sometimes it might be something more emotional or a stuck pattern or habit. The potential for us becoming less limited, more of ourselves is what prompts us to take action. And the result of that is having a very long list of healing modalities. She never knew when I started how long the journey would be along the way and how many times she would reinvent herself.

Her aim is to help her clients feel freer and more empowered to express what is uniquely theirs to express.

Maggie Pashley is very approachable so do give her a call on  0899799642 and 09647675 from within Ireland (or +353 899 799642 or +353 9647675 from outside Ireland) drop her an email if you’d like to speak to her or book a session.

For face-to-face sessions she works from her healing centre near Dromore West, Co Sligo and at the Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town.

Maggie Pashley

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