Abuse Hold Healing Sessions

Abuse Hold sessions provide a calm, gentle space to help heal abuse of all kinds. Abuse can be such a loaded word and take us to many places in our mind – sexual abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, self-abuse being possibly the most likely kinds of abuse we think of. But any lack of kindness, any ways in which other people have invalidated us, boxed us in, spoken in an unkind way, partners who have touched us without tuning in to us, institutions or teachers that have asked us to blindly follow them or have intimidated us. We can learn to abuse ourselves by ignoring our instincts, devaluing ourselves or cutting off from ourselves and others.

The good news is that this beautiful healing body process works for all sorts of abuse: sexual abuse, physical abuse, self abuse, spiritual abuse, financial abuse, substance abuse and whatever other forms of abuse they may be.

Maggie had herself experienced several forms of abuse in her life and had used a wide variety of healing techniques to release them with as she could see the ongoing effect they had on her life. And while some of them appeared to be effective there was still a remaining residue of pain, shame, lack of self-acceptance held in the body. The peace, acceptance and bliss that came from receiving the Abuse Hold was in a different league. Since then she has felt an absence of a long-held wired energy and an ever deepening sense of well-being.

The Abuse Hold is a two-fold process

The first stage of the Abuse Hold involves listening to a recording of a class by Gary Douglas made a few years ago on clearing issues of abuse. The recommendation is to listen to the audio at least thirty times to clear all the psychological points of view you have around abuse. It is possible to listen to this at low-volume while sleeping but Maggie would recommend that you also listen to it a few times when you actually hear the words. The words may not make must sense to you at times, you may find yourself reacting to it in some way, feeling angry, annoyed, sad or confused, you may find yourself ‘zoning out’ and not being present. This is all normal so just keep going. You can always call me if you need to but essentially just know this is all part of the process.

The audio is bought as an audio download by clicking here.

The second part is physically receiving the Abuse Hold.

This is essentially being held in a very loving, supportive way like the way you would cradle a child who was distressed, being held with total presence and acceptance. Your body may react in a number of ways, physically moving, jerking, having different body sensations, making odd sounds as trauma is released and then eventually coming to a place of calm, peace and surrender.

In Maggie’s own experience, she encountered her body moving involuntarily, twitching, jerking, different areas of her body tensing and releasing, intensity, some strange wimpering noises that came from deep within and then finally laughing, a feeling of elation, bliss and peace and all the time feeling safe, protected and held.

Are you ready to leave behind the energy of abuse with all its limiting effects on your life and choose something different, something much kinder, more loving and more appreciative of yourself.

Cost: €150

Please allow two hours for your session. It may take less than this but this is not a process to be rushed – it needs deep honouring space. Also be gentle on yourself afterwards, ask your body what it needs and allow yourself space. Sessions currently held in Dromore West, Co Sligo or at the Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town.

And, of course, do feel free to contact me on +353 96 47675 or +353899799642 with any questions you might have.






Click to order the downloadable audio

The abuse hold healing is necessarily quite an experience to go through, but I ended up so much freer and was readied to express my special spark. It led to me leaving behind abusive situations, moving home and even country and a new future! I feel much like I’m finally able to be me!


From this...
clearing abuse
to this..
love, harmoney, peace and joy

Peace at last! It felt like so much was bubbling up at first, odd feelings in my body and then being released and then it was like I emerged into a very blissful and safe place. I felt Maggie was there for me through the whole process and that was very reassuring.