Access Bars Practitioner Classes


  • Would you like to open to more freedom, joy, clarity, and possibilities in your life?
  • Would you like to be more connected with your own deeper wisdom and inner direction?
  • Is there some area of your life that isn’t working?
  • Do you sense there should be more to life but don’t know how to get there


Then do come along to one of Maggie’s 1-day Access Bars Practitioner Classes

One day is all it takes to learn how to run the 32 points which make up a Bars session and become a certified Access Bars Practitioner. In the class you’ll get to give and receive two full Bars sessions, receive a manual and a laminated chart and a Bars Practitioner’s certificate. Furthermore you’ll be able to share empowering sessions with friends, family, clients and of course yourself! Access Bars Practitioner classes offer a fun, easy and supportive way to transform your life.

An Access Consciousness Bars session involves clearing energetic pathways and has been likened to de-fragging a computer hard drive or de-cluttering your brain and thus your life! You lie down, fully clothed, on a couch while 32 different points on your head are held in different sequences. Each different points relates to a different area of your life – for example your body, money, relationships, control, creativity, hopes and dreams, communication, peace and calmness, kindness, joy, time and space and more. As these points are gently held you release outdated beliefs, patterns and points of view that are no longer contributing to you or your life from your mind, body, life and being. They say that ‘At worst case it will feel like a really good massage and at best your whole life will change!’

Becoming more of you – the benefits of receiving Bars sessions

A Bars Session is essentially an invitation to let go of the blocks and limitations to being the real you. When we let go of the fixed view points and conditioning that we have amassed over a lifetime or even several lifetimes, we can move into a more authentic and powerful version of ourselves. It is not a one-off event but an unfolding and opening which is at the right pace for you. You can become more present and conscious and make choices from that awareness. Benefits can include: feeling more relaxed, more confident, letting go of areas of ‘stuckness’, improving health, gaining more clarity and perspective, being aware of new possibilities to make change in all areas of life – money, abundance, health, happiness, better relationships and way more!

Research and science are starting to show the benefits that people have already been experiencing. There are studies and more information on line. Check out the video on the right where Dr Fanin, a neuroscientist talks about his investigation into the Bars.

What happens in one of Maggie’s Access Bars Practitioner Classes?

The class runs for a full day in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You will learn the 32 Bars points and give and receive the Bars twice with a partner, watch a DVD from the founders of Access and receive a manual and laminated chart. You will also be introduced to some simple questions you can use to bring about more choices and empowerment in your life. 

At the end of the class you will receive a certificate and can then begin to give Bars sessions to others, use it on yourself, or join in or even host Bars shares with other practitioners. Maggie holds regular Bars shares where you can exchange Bars sessions. So in a nutshell you have an amazing transformative day which is healing and relaxing and you go away with tools which you use for the rest of life to help you in all areas. How does it get better than that?

Investment in you:

Your first Bars class is €300. (Children under 16 with a paying adult are free and 16 and 17 year olds get classes at half price). Subsequent bars practitioner classes are also half price €150.

Next classes:

10am-6pm Sunday 23rd September 2018 in Ballymeeny, Dromore West, Co Sligo

Booking a place on one of Maggie’s Access Bars Practitioner Classes

You can book your place by either paying the full  €300 or a deposit of  €150 which you can pay either by bank transfer (Maggie will send you details), or use the Paypal button below. Repeaters pay half price as do young people aged 16 and 17 and children under 16 are free.

Can’t make this date?

No problem. Maggie is going to be running these classes regularly and am open to doing these on weekdays if there is demand. I’m also open to travelling to you if you have a group of friends who’d like to learn.


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Next Access Bars Class Dates


10am-6pm Sunday 23rd September 2018 in
Dromore West, Co Sligo, F26 XP79

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If this date isn’t right for you or you would like me to put on a class for a group, please get in touch.
I’m willing to travel to teach a group depending on numbers.



Access Bars
Access Bars Practitioner Clases
Access Bars Practitioner Classes
“The access bars workshop was something I wasn’t sure I would be able to do and at first felt quite daunted. However this didn’t last long, Maggie is a wonderful teacher and lots of experience, I soon became fascinated. Having received the bars previously I knew I love that part but when I was giving the bars that really set my passion on fire, it is a beautiful process and Maggie has so much knowledge to impart it truly makes it a wonderful, soul assuring day. Highly recommend doing the workshop, not just for what you can get out of the day but what you can give to others. Thank you Maggie!”

This is just what I’d been looking for. Since doing the Bars class I’ve decided to share this with an MS group. What else is possible?


Thanks for a super day, Maggie. I feel so different and much happier. Other people have begun to notice a change in me too. Looking forward to sharing it with others.