Access Body Process Classes

Access Body Process Classes

Are you a healer, bodyworker, massage therapist or simply somebody looking to experience more freedom in your own body or help somebody you love? Access Body Processes work on their own or can be used alongside other modalities to enhance healing. Their aim is much more than fixing a physical symptom, as wonderful as that may be, but is to help us reconnect to our bodies and expand our awareness of everything. The Access Body Processes were developed by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. In one of Maggie’s Access Body Process Classes you will learn how to do one or two of these amazing processes.

There are over fifty Access Body Processes. Here is a small taster of the kind of things they address:

Boosting the immune systemWoman receiving Access Bars
Clearing trauma
Helping reconnection with the body
Reconnecting with the Earth
Opening to more joy
Greater flexibility on all levels
Addressing repetitive and addictive patterns
Clearing mimicry of others so we find our own authenticity
Cellular Memory
Locked-in upset expressed through pain, discomfort
Judgement of self, sexuality, perfectionism
Issues that we simply can’t let go and keep looping back to
Access Energetic Facelift® – full day class

What happens in one of Maggie’s Access Body Process Classes?

You will be introduced to the process we are using in the class and any suggested hand placements (although it is also important to simply follow the energy). We will do some verbal processing to invite in clearing at all levels and to open to new possibilities. Then you will be paired up with a partner and you will each gift and receive a session and have some time to share your experience. There are no pre-requisites for this class and it is open to anybody who wishes to learn.

You will get a printed description of the process to take away and refer to and a certificate. And furthermore you will able to use the process(es) you learn on yourself, on friends family and on clients. If you are an existing practitioner, you will find it blends into your own work very seamlessly and enhance your results.

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Class options

Symphony Sessions – only €35 for 30 minutes for limited time only

The Symphony Sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. Every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies and a Symphony Session allows you to start to truly access what is true for you and your body — beyond everything that you bought as real in this reality. The Symphony Sessions are based on Access Consciousness tools and the energetic transformation work created by Dr Dain Heer.

These sessions can be hands-on in Co Sligo or distance session via skype, zoom or phone. At the beginning of the session, I will ask you the question ‘ If you could get anything out of this session would it be?’. I will then ask you some questions to help bring you into alignment with what you are asking for, do some verbal clearing of blocks to that and then you will simply lie down and relax while I do the powerful energetic shifting of the Symphony work.

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Next Access Body Process Class:

New Body Process classes to be arranged shortly in Co Sligo.

Below is a sample day involving learning two wonderful, dynamic body processes. Contact me for more details.

Do you fight, judge or deny your body? Do you overwork it, push it, pull it, overwork it? Does it feel pain, stiffness or numbness? Could this be the time to begin to be kind and nurture your body with 2 amazing Access Consciousness Body Processes® ? (you can choose to do one or both of these).

Access Consciousness Body Processes are a very dynamic, gentle, non-invasive way of inviting profound change into your body and into your life. Your body is a source of awareness and as you befriend your body you create more choices and possiblities for you and your life.

In this day Maggie is offering two Body Processes and you can choose to do just one or both. There are no prerequisites for the class and the processes are easy to learn. You will get a sheet explaining the process, a certificate of attendance and be able to work with it afterwards on yourself, friends, family and clients.

Morning Session – 9.30 -1pm MTVSS
This is one of the most popular of the Access Body Processes as it is so versatile. It can be used to boost the immune system, address all sorts of imbalances within the body, clear energy blockages, pain, stiffness and improve endurance and performance during exercise. It can be used by massage practitioners, bodyworkers and any other hands-on practitioners to enhance results and to actually help the practitioner work with greater ease on their own body. This has been used for all sort of conditions inclusing MS and cancer.

Afternoon Session 2pm- 5pm Restoration of Communion with the Earth
This beautiful process helps us to be more fully present in our bodies and more connected to nature and our environment. It can help us receive and be nurtured by the energy surrounding us. It also helps us be more aware of how we can be a contribution to the Earth. This is a wonderful process for helping rebalance the ways in which many of us live in these times, surrounded by machinery, technology, and artificial environments and reconnect us with nature and our Earth.

Cost of one process: £55
Cost of both processes: £100

There is no effort or skill needed in giving or receiving these processes, just openness to give it a go!