Access Intro Classes

Access Intro Classes are a way of inviting absolute newcomers to the amazing tools of Access Consciousness and how they can offer practical support to help us not just navigate the challenges of our lives but actually thrive and grow ourselves and our life into something so much more than we could have previously imagined.

My life has definitely been transformed by these tools and that is why I am so passionate about sharing them. I am much more focussed, kinder to myself, more adventurous, easier to get along with (so I’m told!), more pro-active and definitely more able to go for what I want. What could they do for you?

Often classes will focus on a particular theme, such as money, relationships, kindness, connection to our body and so on. I will often choose something that is a focus or a challenge for me or something I have got fresh insights on.

These are short informal classes and are generally recorded so participants can replay them. They may be live for people attending in person or on-line. They are open to anybody.


Ease with Money Access Intro Class

Cost: €20

Use Paypal button to purchase and a link to download your recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours but generally much much sooner.