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The Body Code and the Emotion Code are the most effective approaches to health and well-being Maggie has found so far. The Body Code and the Emotion Code, both developed by chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson, are truly incisive tools to quickly get to the core of what is unbalancing you and then release those imbalances easily and cleanly. There is no need to go back into the story of past hurts or re-experience the pain or trauma.As a therapist and trainer of over twenty years, Maggie is always looking for the most thorough and gentle ways of helping my clients and she truly believe the Body Code and the Emotion Code fit that bill. She does, of course, bring to our sessions all her past experience and skills as a hypnotherapist, energy healer, EFT trainer, and life coach.

The Emotion Code

In short, the Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it, either from yourself or from someone else. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease, and even cancer. In addition, these energies (trapped emotions) are the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and all manner of mental illnesses.

Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Perhaps your life is not turning out how you wanted it to. You may wish that certain events in your past had never occurred. You may even have an uneasy feeling that your present is somehow being held hostage by your past in some vague and indefinable way. People often sense that they have emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. The feelings that seem to be in their way are often due to their trapped emotions. They are usually amazed to find out that their emotional baggage often consists of discrete energies that became trapped during emotional events they experienced in their past.

They are even more amazed to see how easily these energies can be found and removed and by how different they feel when they are freed from them. In the same way that you cannot see the wind, yet you can feel its effects, trapped emotions are invisible and they can exert powerful forces upon you. Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. It is Maggie’s experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.The Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and give you the means to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you.

Heart Wall Clearing


One of the most powerful things about working with the Emotion code is Heart Wall clearing and its ability to dissolve blocks to love and creativity.

 Do you ever have any of the following:
  • feelings of distance in relationships
  • finding it hard to give or receive love
  • sabotaging your success and creativity
  • picking the ‘wrong’ partners
  • feeling downhearted
  • and so on…..

Then you most probably have a Heart Wall. In the fact the vast majority of people do.

So what is a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall is created by our subconscious mind as a way of protecting us against future hurts and disappointments. Its intentions may start out with a positive purpose – to help us deal with a difficult situation but,eventually, a Heart Wall ends up restricting us, our ability to experience live and love. It also cuts us of from ourselves, as we can judge parts of us as unacceptable or unlovable. We dim down our light and become less of who we really are. And that never feels good.

A Heart Wall is made up of trapped emotions, existing distortions in our energy field. If we are faced with a situation which at some level overwhelms us, either because it takes us by surprise or we simply don’t have the resources to deal with it, it is as if it blows a fuse in our energy circuit and that emotion gets lodged inside our body. For example, if we have a trapped emotion of anger then we are always experiencing that emotion at a background level and given a situation where we might feel angry, we will feel it more quickly or more intensely or even have a mistaken perception about something as we are expecting (unconsciously) to have something to be angry about. It is as if we are viewing our present through the lens of the past.

Heart Wall Emotions are generally around what Maggie generally calls ‘more tender’ feelings – feelings of being hurt, rejected, betrayed but they can actually be any of the sixty emotions on the Emotion Code chart. They can even be inherited trapped emotions, emotions passed on to us from our family line, or pre-conceptual emotions.

Maggie uses muscle testing to communicate directly with the body’s memory and uncover and release one trapped emotion at a time. In one session generally up to 7-12 trapped emotions can be released but sometimes fewer. Each trapped emotion you release will enable you to be freer and more present to your life today.

Fully clearing a Heart Wall will normally take around 3 sessions. Maggie has a Heart Wall package which enables you to pay a fixed price for clearing your Heart Wall, no matter how many sessions it takes.

Some responses after Heart Wall clearing:


Well, in Maggie’s own case, clearing her own Heart Wall opened her up to having a relationship after being single for 13 years!!! She shared this in a talk she was giving on Emotion Code and a woman in the audience raised her hand and said the exact same thing had happened to her!

Many clients have reported ‘feeling free to be themselves’, being more creative and more peaceful. Many report being far more open to opportunities and to the ability to respond to them.

The Body Code

If you’ve been impressed by the Emotion Code, then you’ll be amazed by the Body Code. The Body Code is my preferred way of getting to the root of any emotional or physical issue, as it is so comprehensive.

The Emotion Code is 1/6th of the puzzle that makes up The Body Code.
The Emotion Code only deals with the emotional imbalances.

The Body Code deals with 6 different main types of imbalances:

1. Emotional Imbalances- emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive
2. Toxicity Imbalances- heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
3. Circuitry Imbalances- organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians
4. Pathogens Imbalances- parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mold
5. Structural Imbalances- bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands
6. Nutritional Imbalances- Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field

The Body Code allows you how to find imbalances (whether or not there are symptoms) and clear them energetically.

A body code session uses muscle testing just like the emotion code but uses complex mind maps which enable us to uncover underlying imbalances which encompass a much broader range than in the Emotion Code. There are imbalances that we can find in the Body Code which would not show up in an Emotion Code session.


Body Code or Emotion Code: £60 or €70 (euros)


Heart Wall clearing (normally 3 sessions or more): £160 or €185


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Maggie is able to work with you by skype or phone wherever you are in the world at a mutually convenient time. She is also able to offer face-to-face sessions at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town or in Dromore West, Co Sligo.

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Body Code Practitioner
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What my clients say…

‘I have had quite a few sessions with Maggie – first to clear my heart wall, and then to work on various health and relationship related issues. Maggie is a truly wonderful practitioner – very kind, intuitive, non-judgmental and with a great sense of humor! One can feel that she puts her heart and soul into what she is doing to help people. The Emotion and Body code really works. For some issues I could see an instant change, for others the change took more time, but there was definitely a very positive shift. I am very grateful for all the work Maggie has done, and would definitely recommend these sessions to others’ Kristine
‘Since having the Body Code healing sessions, I feel very different and others have noticed a change in me too. I am open to embrace all the good things in my life and build on them, rather than looking back with regret and shame at things I can’t change. It can’t believe how easily it pointed to those things holding me back.Thank you so much!’ Steven
‘Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that after the session with you last week, my exam on Friday went very well.
I do not have the results yet, but the exam itself was a whole new experience for me – to sit and write a test with almost no stress at all! I would say that within a scale of 10, it was between 1 and 2. As usual in such situations, the relative perception of time changed and 2 hours felt like 1, but apart from that I could reason normally and did not experience the debilitating stress that I used to have on such occasions.
So thanks a lot for this – it has been a wonderful experience!’ Arturs
The Heart Wall clearing helped me make a real shift in my relationship. What is even more surprising is that my mother feels so much better too and is dating for the first time in ages.Well we did clear inherited emotions from her side of the family. Quite amazing!’ Helen
Clearing my heart wall has helped me immensely with my self realisation. After clearing my heart wall I have experienced huge heart chakra openings and have been crying with bliss and the feelings of immense love and joy. This is in stark contrast to a previous lifetime of crippling anxiety!
Maggie is empathic, non judgemental and intensely insightful. She operates with love, care and compassion and is passionate about helping others. I would highly recommend a heart wall clearing to anyone. Heart wall clearing is an essential tool to unleash your capacity to let go of negative emotions, it helps to heal past hurts and traumas and it most importantly allows you to fully realise your ability to give and receive love.’
Rebecca, Leeds

Body Code Emotion Code
I feel so good and my energy levels have skyrocketed!!! I feel so much more chilled and relaxed from our sessions. The kids are all keeping well. Abi’s knee pain has disappeared and Chloes warts have shrunk and are drying out.
I was meant to find you and will always recommend you to friends, family and customers. Thank you so much x
And another from Patricia in Newry