Bodywork with Maggie

Bodywork with Maggie involves an intuitive mix of massage, shiatsu, reflexology, energy healing, Access Body Processes and gentle muscle release moves to help you relax, alleviate back problems, shoulder stiffness, general body tension and feel your energy restored and rejuvenated.

The power of touch is amazing as a way of helping us to feel more whole and at peace with ourselves. Bodywork with Maggie  can feel so nurturing. Walk in, float out!


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese form of body healing, aimed at rebalancing our bodies at all levels. It involves gentle pressure on acupressure points  along the meridian lines, sensitive stretching and mobilising of joints. It is usually done at floor level but these days Maggie generally uses a massage table and combines it along with other approaches.

Shiatsu was the first thing she  trained in, way back in 1985 and was what set her off on her own healing journey as well as a way of helping others.


Reflexology maps the whole body on to the feet and so when we work across the whole of the foot with a series of precise movements we are giving the body an energetic tune up. All you have to do is to lie back and enjoy! Reflexology can be used to enhance both physical and emotional well-being as well as offering deep relaxation and de-stressing.

Kansa Wand Facial

This is a very relaxing and surprisingly effective massage with a high quality bronze-capped massage wand. This is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment and the combination of metals is renowned for its healing and detoxifying properties. Using jojoba oil or coconut oil I lightly massage the back of the neck and shoulders, feet and the face. Fine lines are smoothed, and the face looks brighter and clearer, circulation is improved and it generally has far-reaching relaxation and de-stressing effects on the entire body.


 Access Body Processes

These nurturing body processes from Access Consciousness allow the body to release trauma and blocked energies, experience greater freedom and ease and feel more at home in your body. For more info visit: my Access Body Process page

Energy healing, chakra balancing, crystals and sound

Maggie is trained in many forms of healing and often combine them, together with playing my gong or toning to create greater allowance for her clients. 

Cost of sessions: €50

Sessions are held in Dromore West, Co Sligo and at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town.

Bodwork with Maggie
Bodywork with Maggie
kansa wand facial