Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough sessions with Maggie involve diving to the heart of what is holding you back and then clearing it. The session involves a combination of Maggie asking you to tune in to your body awareness while thinking of the issue and using a statement aimed at clearing it at the deepest level possible, and then opening up to new possibilities using empowering questions.

This is an eclectic approach and draws on many areas that Maggie has trained in; it includes life coaching, Access Consciousness® verbal processing, NLP, hypnotherapy, art work, Meridian Tapping and what she picks up energetically. You work in partnership and everything you do is with your permission.

If you come to Maggie personally she may include an Access Bars session or Access Body Process to support the clearings and to help clear on many unconscious levels as well as allowing the body to feel very nourished and relaxed. She may ask you to move or use guided inner journeying and ask you to draw your experience.

What sort of things can breakthrough sessions help with?

  • feeling stuck in any area of your life
  • relationship issues, whether they are with a partner or somebody else
  • feeling anxious or stressed
  • issues with money or work
  • physical discomfort
  • fatigue
  • lack of direction or clarity
  • weight and food
  • and there is always more…

Letting the answers come from you

Maggie is not here to direct you and say what she thinks you need to do but more as somebody who can help you clear the clutter to hearing your own inner voice and creative solutions. In this way you feel more empowered, more trusting that you have the inner resources to call upon. A lot can happen within a session but sometimes a few sessions may be required which can be arranged to suit your own timing and budget. There may be agreed action steps to take between sessions. This is a journey of discovery. Are you ready?

Cost: €90


Maggie offers distance sessions to anywhere in the world via skype, zoom or phone and face-to-face sessions in Dromore West, Co Sligo and at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town.

Sessions can be in person (only Dromore West, Co Sligo) or via phone or skype. Book your session here.

Breakthrough sessions …is it time to blossom?

Peonies are one of Maggie’s favourite flowers because they are so beautiful and they have so many petals. How much of ourselves do we leave in the bud?

beautiful pink peonie

What new possibilities can you be open to? What else is possible?

red tree woman