Metamorphic Touch classes offer a simple, gentle and profound approach to being your authentic self

Our own life force which is there to guide and direct us. Yet many times we can put barriers in the way. We get caught up in living the life we think we should live or judge ourselves or our life circumstances as wrong, we live in short somebody else’s life and that never works. Maggie thinks people often find Metamorphic Touch when they are exhausted living the life they thought should make them happy and doesn’t and they are ready to surrender to another way. Without necessarily consciously knowing it they are ready to embrace the wisdom and innate intelligence within themselves. So welcome for wanting to say ‘Yes’ to you and the life within you.

Maggie’s workshops are small, interactive and practical. You will learn how to offer Metamorphic Touch sessions and the importance of maintaining an open, detached attitude while working. You’ll learn the deep principles of which the technique is based. And you’ll learn how the experiences we have during our time in the womb and at our birth influence the way we respond to life, interact in relationships and manage big transitions such as a new environment, pregnancy, birth, change of job, confusion about we are and so on.

Metamorphic Touch involves a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head, on points representative of conception, our time in the womb and birth. The touch is feather-like and non-directive. It is not seeking to change the receiver or envisage an outcome. As somebody offering a session of the Metamorphic Touch, you are simply acting as a catalyst, a space in which old patterns can be loosened and transformation can occur.

Mini workshops of Metamorphic Touch

As Metamorphic Touch is such a wonderful thing to exchange with family and friends, I have decided to offer a very practical mini-workshop for people to learn the basics of the practice so they can simply offer it on an informal basis at home.

You’ll learn how to do it and experience both giving and receiving Metamorphic Touch and you’ll receive instructions to take home and refer to. For little more than the cost of a session, you’ll learn an amazing skill that you can do for the rest of your life.

Metamorphic is a great thing to share in a family. From a few strokes on a baby’s foot to helping your children to move through all the different changes in their increasing complex lives, MT is brilliant. You can even teach your kids how to do it back to you! And you can share it with your partner and friends.

As it requires no equipment and can be done anywhere it is great way of offering an open, loving space while doing whatever else you want to do, whether you are chatting, listening to music, watching TV or just enjoying a quiet moment together. Try it and see how good it feels!

Cost: £50 per person

This workshop is intended to be a simple introduction of how you may share MT within your family and with friends.



‘Since receiving sessions of the Metamorphic Touch I feel much more able to flow with my life. It seems as if things fall into place a lot more easily. It was wonderful to receive sessions during my pregnancy and it felt like very gentle reassurance that everything would be ok. I managed the birth so well and now look forward to giving mini-sessions to my baby – it’s our special time together. And my partner joins in too. Thank you again.’ JK, Otley

‘So it seemed perfect. I lay back on the comfy chair with my bare foot up on Maggie’s lap and she tapped and stroked my foot in a comforting but systemised way. We ‘chatted’ in a lazy afternoon in the sun sort of way. Nothing was pressing, nothing important to say. It was just me getting the attention I needed, foot by foot, hand by hand and then on my head.

What was happening, Maggie explained, was that I was being realigned on a subconscious or deeper level, with my True Self. How perfect that I was being supported to remove those masks. Not as a rational imperative, but on a deeper, Knowing level.

I think we’ve all had situations where we knew what we needed to do but just couldn’t make ourselves do it. This process makes the making disappear. It’s subtle and covert. You don’t actually feel much happening on a conscious level. For me probably even less that with Reiki.

I was Blissed out. It felt that I didn’t have to do or be anything other than Be in the moment. And I didn’t have to make decisions or judgements about myself or my life. That would come. In this moment I was allowed to just Be.

Maggie has many stories of the almost magical transformations she’s witnessed from the Metamorphic Touch. But most of those have been over a series of sessions, although only the person can determine how much of it they need at any time. She told me of a man who left his job, improved his health and started work doing what was his passion without any input from her except the gentle tapping and stroking process over several weeks. He just ‘shifted’, without conscious intent.

I will be having more sessions with Maggie. I don’t know what the result will be, but I know how that man felt. As if what was happening was beyond his conscious mind to process and yet he knew it was doing him good.

I think I will call it Magical Metamorphic Touch’ NG, Addingham

‘ Having Metamorphic sessions during my recent pregnancy was wonderful. Deeply relaxing and helped us connect deeply with each other and our baby. The birth was perfect – at home, with all the love and support I asked for, it all flowed beautifully. We were able to have a Lotus Birth and allow the placenta to fall off naturally. Our baby is so calm and relaxed.’  Nel, Addingha

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