Past Life Future Life sessions in Sligo and Worldwide via Skype

  • Would you like to have a glimpse of your best possible future?
  • Would you like to gain insights into a long-standing issue and heal it?
  • Would you like to know whether you will find love?
  • Would you like to know what courses to choose, what skills to develop?

Future Life Progression (or FLP) was developed by Anne Jirsch and is a wonderful, effective way of exploring other lives or time-frames to bring you deep understanding of you and the choices that are going to bring you the greatest success and happiness. And it’s tailor-made for you because the answers are coming from you! In a light state of hypnosis you will gain amazing insights in a safe, comfortable and easy way as I act as your guide.

People choose an FLP session for many reasons:

  • for clarity on an area of their life – a relationship, career direction, where to live, health
  • to overcome or heal a long standing issue which has defied their ability to change it
  • to understand and appreciate skills and strengths and ways of developing them
  • to connect with skills gained in a previous lifetime
  • to connect with their best future and bring back the energy of that so it manifests sooner
  • to benefit from future hind-sight (yes I know it sounds weird!) to avoid pitfalls and dead-ends
  • to become more confident and assured by connecting to your best future
  • to decide what course of study is going to be the most fulfilling and successful for you
  • to correct any present actions or behaviours that might lead to problems later on and know what to do
  • in fact it can be used for virtually any area which is puzzling you

Face-to-face sessions take place either in Dromore West, Co Sligo or at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town. Distance sessions are available from wherever you are in the world via video call (zoom or Skype) at a mutually convenient time. Note my time-zone is Dublin/London time.

Sessions are around 1 hour 15 minutes

Cost: €130


Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions by clients which may be ones you find yourself asking.

Will it work for me?

Most people will be surprised at how easy it is to access the information they require and what an amazing healing experience it is. Occasionally somebody may be taken into a past life rather than a future life if their unconscious feels to need to heal something before moving to the future. On the very rare occasion people will receive healing energy rather than actually experiencing a different life. It is always what is appropriate for you.

What will I experience? Will I remember it?

People will experience another life-times or time-frames in different ways. I will set up the session so you will feel safe and comfortable viewing your Past/Future Life and it can feel like you are watching a movie (although generally in a much more subtle way than watching a DVD) gaining impressions of that time through your own preferred sensory systems. Some people see events unfolding, for others it can be more how they feel, simply knowing or telling a story. At first it will most often feel like you are making it up. As i support you by asking questions and gaining more information from each scene you can get more insight, clarity and guidance. Each person is different so it is impossible to say exactly how it will be for them.

Generally people come back amazed and bring back the energy of the session and remember what they have experienced. I take notes to ensure that I am asking the questions you want ask and getting the answers that are helpful to you and will talk you through what happened at the end of the session.

Do you record sessions?

No I prefer not to record sessions. I will talk through what happened during the session and the insights that emerged from the session and the nuggets to take with you. I also get you to anchor the energy that was helpful to you so you can take it with you into your life.

What if I see something in the future I don't like

A Future Life Progression session is designed to be helpful and healing so we only ask to see things we can change. If you see something in a Future Life you don’t like I can help you create an alternate future that would be much better.  I can help you get tips and advice from your Future Self at what may need to change for your highest good and how to do that if you so choose. In fact Future Life Progression sessions have helped people have much happier, healthier futures.

Will the future I see automatically happen?

Whatever snapshot we see of our future will of course require action from you in order to bring it about. However by bringing the energy of that best future into your present, you can feel more confident, aware and decisive. People often report events happening sooner or more easily than expected.

Sessions available in Sligo Town and Dromore West and Worldwide via Skype

Cost: €130