Psy-TaP Fast Change Sessions

Psy-Tap Fast Change Sessions offer a way of overcoming fears, anxieties, phobias and traumas and many other limiting patterns in an easy and surprisingly fast manner.  Often one session may be all that is required to set yourself free from something that has been holding you back for years. Imagine what it would feel like to be free of a long-standing fear of public speaking or a childhood trauma?

Psy-TaP was developed by Kevin Laye and draws on NLP, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and many Psychosensory based energy psychologies to create what he believes to be the fastest and most effective system available, based on his many years experience, enquiring mind and pioneering spirit. It is based on an understanding of bio-mechanics and neuro-science. Maggie is a Certified Psy-TaP Practitioner and brings to each session her own multi-faceted training and experience working with clients for over 30 years to help you find freedom and move forward.

What is involved in a Psy-TaP session?

  • Simple use of easy to remember techniques, which either stop totally, or allow you to effectively manage a negative emotion or state
  • The interventions used are based on understanding how the brain and nervous system process information
  • You are tapping directly into the energy you want to change and interrupting old patterns energetically, not talking about what doesn’t work for you for hours. Can also be done content free.
  • Speed is what enables the powerful responses we get

Sessions can be face-to-face at Sligo Wellness Centre in Sligo Town and in Dromore West,  Co Sligo but the majority of my clients work with me over skype or zoom.

Cost per session: €120


Bird flying from cage

Set yourself free!

Fears – public speaking, driving, exams, interviews, performance etc

Phobias: spiders, dentist, needles, heights, water, dogs,  and many more (don’t worry if yours sounds odd, phobias aren’t rational)

Addictive cravings: smoking, chocolate, alcohol, etc

Unwanted habits

Pain and discomfort