Dealing with Saboteur Energy

Dealing with Saboteur Energy

Saboteur Energy is something that stops us being as amazing, as creative and successful as we could be. It can be like driving with the brakes on or like taking a last minute detour that stops us arriving at our destination.

In other words it can be something that is ever- present in your life so that you don’t go for what you really what, consider yourself too stupid, too old/too young, just plain wrong in some way to make different choices. You may consider yourself unlucky, unworthy, not enough so you rule so much out as being possible for you. You’ve already given up on yourself, so you don’t get started going in the direction you want or you go ahead with such resistance that you’ll never get there. That’s what I’d call driving with the brakes on.

On the other hand, you may be very enterprising, committed, hard working and have a clear direction. You may be on the verge of achieving something you’ve wanted for so long and then at the last minute, you do something to make sure you don’t get there. In fact at an unconscious level you may be expecting something to go wrong and attract circumstances that prove you right. That’s what I call the last minute detour which takes you completely off track.

In the Body Code work I do with clients, saboteur energy often comes up as a block to be cleared energetically. The saboteur energy can be from another person, even from somebody who is not currently in your life, it can also be from an institution or environment which is restrictive or harmful. It is how our bodies are still responding to that external energy and does not mean that the person triggering it intended it to be harmful. I use muscle testing to get an energetic snapshot of how that energy is being perceived by you. For example an over-controlling or domineering parent may give me an image of you being tied up, imprisoned, gagged or worse. Somebody who has felt very criticised by somebody may have a saboteur energy which could be described as having little darts being aimed at them, somebody who is ignored or overlooked may present me with an image of an invisibility cloak etc. An institution may have castrated somebody etc. I often find that the images that present themselves can appear exaggerated as a way of clearly defining the damage they have caused and thus making it easier to clear. Once we have acknowledged the saboteur energy and described it in energy terms we can dissolve its effect on you. It is also importantly not about blaming the source of the saboteur energy as that only keeps us locked into it.

Without that energetic imprinting of saboteur energy you are free to be more of you, not defined in somebody else’s terms. The effect of saboteur energy is definitely to limit you in some way or to distort your self-expression. For example if you have been gagged you may decide that your opinion doesn’t count, you may be unsure of what you feel or you may react against that and always want to oppose or be very vocal. Either way it’s a reaction rather than a true expression of you. Saboteur energy can lead you to conclusions about yourself or about life ‘women are always critical’,’if I show that side of me I’ll be rejected’, ‘love hurts’ etc and you can forget that there’s a whole new world beyond that is available to you.

And then there is self-sabotage. It can be of the constant nagging restrictive type described above as driving with the brakes on or the last minute side track. Where have you decided ‘somebody like me doesn’t/can’t do that?’ that holds you back. What else is possible for you without that belief?  Where have you unconsciously told yourself that it is easier/safer to fail, to play safe that stops you achieving what you could achieve for you?

Often our unconscious mind has decided that there is some risk in succeeding and it is safer to fail or not fully achieve what we are capable of. It might have listened to you saying ‘I never want to stand out if that the kind of attention I get’ in response to being ridiculed as a child and still be running that old programme. It may believe if we have a successful business, people will be critical, envious, rejecting and so on. Yet just like an old computer program we can install new updates! We can dialogue with our unconscious and get its cooperation for updating those old limiting programmes and to be willing to dissolve blocks to our success, creativity and happiness.

Do you have any saboteur energy holding you back and what would you life be like without it? If you’d like some extra help then contact me to find out what could work for you.

The Relief of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Relief of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is the place where you feel comfortable. Right? Or is it simply the place where you stick yourself and talk yourself out of doing something different, something greater than you’ve done before. You can find all sort of reasons why it’s safer, more sensible, less risky and easier to remain there. Except there generally comes a point where staying put in what you call your ‘comfort zone’ not longer feels comfortable. Instead it feels like a place of boredom, numbness, a place you’ve outgrown and with an increasingly louder nagging voice urging you to venture out beyond that place.

At least that’s how it operates for me. And I can create all kinds of resistance to change, normally in some form of judgement of myself – too old, too fat, too stupid, I can’t trust my choices, maybe I’ll screw up and so on etc. Not pretty and certainly not kind. That’s when I’ll start asking myself questions such as ‘ what would it take for all of this to be ease?’ or ‘what if I couldn’t fail?’ or ‘what energy, space and consciousness can I be to step into doing…you name it…. with a sense of adventure and excitement?’ And things begin to change, sometimes instantly and more often over a normal fairly short period of time. From “no I can’t’ to ‘ well maybe I could’ to ‘yes I can’ and ‘yes I will’.
And when I do get to do the thing I’ve been avoiding or dreading it’s generally a really good feeling, an woman embracing life resizeachievement, a relief, a sense of pleasure, newness and even excitement. Whether that’s been more visible, writing a blog, creating a website, making a phone call, creating a You Tube it’s stepping into more of me and stepping away from all that judgement. It’s stepping out of the box that generally wasn’t mine in the first place, just one I adopted as mine and I wonder what all the fuss was about. Each time I do that I have more energy and more passion for life.

So some questions I’m asking myself that might help others who have become uncomfortable in their comfort zone:

What new thing could I do today that would allow myself to express more of me?
What would it take to make…..insert the thing I’m resisting….easy and enjoyable
Who does this belong to? (my beliefs, and thoughts about the dangers of being more visible…are they actually mine?)

And then as I was writing this a client quoted something that fitted these ponderings very nicely: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Welcome Life!

And if you need some extra help freeing yourself from that comfort zone please do contact me on 07939118136 or email me to book a Breakthrough Session.

Ancestral Healing with the Emotion Code

Ancestral Healing with the Emotion Code

Great-grandmother says ‘ Thanks’

When I do Heart Wall Clearing with clients we often clear inherited trapped emotions. These are energies that overwhelmed our ancestors and have been passed down to us at conception and often to our own children; they can go back many generations or just to one of our parents. While I have done this work for some years now and am used to hearing the impact that Heart Wall clearing can have on allowing great openness to love, success and creativity, it is always a delight when I get feedback like the following:

‘I have felt lighter and freer since we started doing the Heart Wall clearing; the first session had a big effect on me and we did some clearing of inherited emotions going back to my great-grandmother, my mother’s grandmother. Well I must tell you of something that happened to me when I recently visited my grandmother. She suddenly gave me a most beautiful hand blown antique glass cream dish which belonged to my great grandmother and said ‘I think you should have this as your Christmas present’. I was really amazed and touched. Not only is it exactly the sort of thing I love and have collected but I have always felt a strong connection to my great grandmother as I was named after her – my middle name that is – and she was the one who brought up my own mother. It was as if she was saying ‘thanks’ to me for the clearing we had done. I will treasure this. What makes this even more surprising is that my grandmother has never given me anything before from her mother, although she has shared things with other family members. It was if my great-grandmother was insisting I should be given this’ Helen (name changed, although permission to share given) And this client described how when I had done Heart Wall Clearing on her own mother a year again she had experienced a lightening of the atmosphere within the whole family.

Love that! I have also had other expected feedback from the clearing of inherited trapped emotions, such as the when a client reported that not only did she feel better but that her mother was happier and had even started dating! Another client shared how he saw such a difference in his son. Another client experienced a clearing of energies in her female line of restriction and control due to forced marriages.

old family picture

Things do really run in families. Even if we try to be so different from our families it can be a reaction to the energy of what we are trying to avoid rather than a true expression of who we are. The Emotion Code is a great way of uncovering what we may be carrying from our ancestors and clearing it easily. It’s something we couldn’t uncover simply by talking through our current issues and it can have such wide-ranging effects.

Give me a call on 07939118136 if you want to know more.