Your comfort zone is the place where you feel comfortable. Right? Or is it simply the place where you stick yourself and talk yourself out of doing something different, something greater than you’ve done before. You can find all sort of reasons why it’s safer, more sensible, less risky and easier to remain there. Except there generally comes a point where staying put in what you call your ‘comfort zone’ not longer feels comfortable. Instead it feels like a place of boredom, numbness, a place you’ve outgrown and with an increasingly louder nagging voice urging you to venture out beyond that place.

At least that’s how it operates for me. And I can create all kinds of resistance to change, normally in some form of judgement of myself – too old, too fat, too stupid, I can’t trust my choices, maybe I’ll screw up and so on etc. Not pretty and certainly not kind. That’s when I’ll start asking myself questions such as ‘ what would it take for all of this to be ease?’ or ‘what if I couldn’t fail?’ or ‘what energy, space and consciousness can I be to step into doing…you name it…. with a sense of adventure and excitement?’ And things begin to change, sometimes instantly and more often over a normal fairly short period of time. From “no I can’t’ to ‘ well maybe I could’ to ‘yes I can’ and ‘yes I will’.
And when I do get to do the thing I’ve been avoiding or dreading it’s generally a really good feeling, an woman embracing life resizeachievement, a relief, a sense of pleasure, newness and even excitement. Whether that’s been more visible, writing a blog, creating a website, making a phone call, creating a You Tube it’s stepping into more of me and stepping away from all that judgement. It’s stepping out of the box that generally wasn’t mine in the first place, just one I adopted as mine and I wonder what all the fuss was about. Each time I do that I have more energy and more passion for life.

So some questions I’m asking myself that might help others who have become uncomfortable in their comfort zone:

What new thing could I do today that would allow myself to express more of me?
What would it take to make…..insert the thing I’m resisting….easy and enjoyable
Who does this belong to? (my beliefs, and thoughts about the dangers of being more visible…are they actually mine?)

And then as I was writing this a client quoted something that fitted these ponderings very nicely: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Welcome Life!

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