The easy way to become a non-smoker

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is one of the easiest and most effective ways of leaving the habit behind for good. It”s even easier to do that as part of a relaxing holiday.

For many people who have smoked for years it can seem like a impossible task to give up cigarettes even if they have an armful of good reasons to do so. They may already have tried cold turkey, patches, chewing gum, and maybe even succeeded for a while but then when some no to cigarettesstressful or even celebratory event (think party, wedding etc) happens they can find themselves back on the weed. One reason is that being a smoker becomes so much of their identity, of who they are. It is also another reason why choosing to have a personalised hypnotherapy session, tailored to them, while they are away relaxing on holiday can make it all so much easier. They are away from their normal surroundings, pressures and expectations. There is nobody who test their resolve as a fledgling non-smoker. There is nobody to greet them at the door and ask ‘did it work then?’. They have time to rehearse their new identity of being a non-smoker before going home, feeling refreshed and with a sense of real achievement.

The Relaxation Response

On holiday, especially on one in natural peaceful surroundings its easier to let go and relax. It is just this relaxation response that hypnotherapists use in their sessions to help their clients imagine their desired outcome, to draw upon inner resources and to see things differently and all without effort. It has to be one of the most pleasurable ways of making deep changes.

Reinforcing the new habit in a non-pressured environment

When we make  big changes such as stopping smoking we can be a bit vulnerable during the first few days. We can be sensitive to how other people might react to us. Will they be supportive or will they try to lure us back into the old habit, especially if they themselves still smoke or they feel threatened by change. We can wonder how we might be when doing things we normally associate with smoking a cigarette. So having a short period of time to embed that new habit so that it just feels natural and normal for us can be a good thing.

I’ve been working as a hypnotherapist for two decades now and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of people give up the smoking habit. Recently I’ve moved to Ireland, Foxford in beautiful Co Mayo to be exact and have created a space with my partner, astrologer Michael Conneely, where people can come for a holiday break and simply enjoy relaxing in the beautiful surroundings or choose to have a healing or relaxation session as an extra. It then occurred to me that this would be the ideal way of giving up smoking and returned home as a happy, relaxed non smoker, I’m offering a discount (session cost only €100) to guests at our airbnb for hypnotherapy and other sessions too. So why not combine a lovely break with making a change that is going to improve your life in immeasurable ways? Find out more about my hypnotherapy sessions here. Distance sessions also available